Secondary Schools

Laura Tweedle

As an animal nutritionist and consultant, most of my time is spent visiting farms and discussing the feed rations to suit a dairy herd’s production and environment. I provide nutritional advice both on-farm and at seminars and training days.

My work is with dairy farmers and industry contacts. It’s great to manage my own day and spend a lot of time outside. I get to travel through different dairying regions and to provide advice to farmers.

I finished my VCE and then studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science.

After working for three years I completed a Masters in Agriculture and a Diploma in Agribusiness to continue learning new skills while working and to keep up my practical application of these qualifications.

Most recently I studied through the Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition, a 100 per cent industry- based qualification. One of the best things about working in dairy nutrition is the contact with your colleagues in the industry; it is a really supportive group.

There are so many opportunities to learn from others across the industry and apply that knowledge on-farm.