Jersey Milk & Honey Tart

Jersey Milk & Honey Tart

candied macadamia / honey roasted chocolate cream / fresh yoghurt / Jersey milk pannacotta / fl - See more at:

candied macadamia / honey roasted chocolate cream / fresh yoghurt / Jersey milk pannacotta / flora

Appetite for Excellence Young Chef of the Year Finalist (ex Oakridge Restaurant and Jacques Raymond), Rod Shokuhi, kindly shared this elegant dairy inspired dessert to challenge your baking prowess this festive season.This dessert is inspired by two ancient culinary ingredients: milk and honey. A celebration of seasonal eating using quality Jersey Cow's milk and local honey from Bill Beasley in Warrandyte.


Candied Macadamia Crumb:

200g macadamia nuts
50g glucose
300g water
150g castor sugar


Bring the glucose, water and sugar up to the boil. Add nuts, bring up to simmer for five minutes. Strain. Roast nuts on a lined baking tray at 160C for 12 minutes. Cool completely, then process into a fine crumb and press into a square metal frame on a paper lined tray. Chill.


Honey Roasted Chocolate Cream:

300g white couverture chocolate
250g thickened cream
100g Beasley’s Blue Box honey
4g sea salt flakes
6g gelatin, titanium, bloomed


Spread honey onto a lined baking tray and place chocolate on top to cover. Roast at 150c until golden. Meanwhile bring the cream up to the boil, place chocolate into cream with the salt and gelatin and blend. Pour onto the nut layer and spread evenly using an off-set spatula. Chill.

Fresh Yoghurt:

800g Jersey cow milk
50g live cultured yoghurt
100g Beasley’s Blue Box honey


You will need a sous-vide water bath for this recipe, alternatively use a candy thermometer with a pot of water.
Bring milk up to 82C in a pot constantly stirring. Add honey, dissolve and chill over an ice bath to 46C, add yoghurt and stir. Pour mix into glass mason jars and screw cap on. Place into a 46C water bath for 6 hours. Cool in fridge overnight. By morning it will have thickened, scoop into a piping bag with a plain nozzle. Chill.

Jersey Milk Pannacotta:

400g Jersey cow milk or regular milk
80g castor sugar
1 vanilla pod
pinch sea salt flakes
8g gelatin, titanium, bloomed


Bring milk up to a simmer with sugar and vanilla. Cover with glad wrap and set aside for 20 minutes. Melt gelatin over a double boiler, then strain milk over it. Stir to dissolve and season with salt. Pour into sealed PVC pipes 10cm long. Chill for three hours.

Garnish with:

Nasturtium leaves
Petit Viola flowers
Dianthus flowers
Swiss Meringue Droplets
Pulled Sugar Corkscrew

To serve:

Pop the slice out of the metal mould, and cut into 10cm x 5cm rectangles. Place onto chilled serving plate, and pipe fresh yoghurt around the tart, followed by some on the tart to hold the pannacotta tube and corkscrew. Place corkscrew on top of the tart.
Dip the pannacotta into hot water then carefully slide the set cream onto a small offset spatula and gently in the cavity of the pulled sugar. Garnish with flowers and Swiss meringue.