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Cheese Gift Hamper



  • How to put together Cheese Gift Hamper
  • Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when putting together a hamper of cheese and wine,to ensure that you have a great selection of cheese, accompaniments and other essential items required for a sensational tasting experience so the recipient will remember you for quite some time...
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  1. --**What to include: **--
  2. --**What to put it in?**--
    • Use a wicker basket, there are many different shapes and sizes around, just pick one that will hold the contents and present well. Also, one that can perhaps be used for another purpose.
    • Place contents on a large wooden board, this way it can be used to serve the cheese as well as hold the hamper together.
    • Try a strong coloured cardboard box, there are many shapes and colours available.
    • Stack contents into a wooden crate, or even a new galvanized tin tub for a more rustic feel.
    • Fill any containers with straw, raffia, cellophane, coloured tissue paper etc..
  3. --**What cheese to select?**--
  4. A selection of different styles, to provide different textures, flavours and colours.
    • Try to incorporate cheeses from 5-6 different styles, giving the recipient some cheese that they may not have tried before.
    • Select cheese that is ripe, and in portion sizes or in tins or rounds.
  5. --**Which Accompaniments? **--
  6. Choose accompaniments that do not overpower the cheese such as: quince paste, figs, dried fruits and pears or apples. Water crackers, almond bread, lavosh, or a fresh baguette.
  7. --**And the Wine? **--
  8. Keep in mind the styles of cheese that you are packing. Ensure the wine complements the cheese styles i.e. a sticky dessert style wine matches very well with a salty blue vein cheese, in fact is a good all round choice for a wide range of cheeses.
  9. --**What else? **--
    • A cheese board and knife Bottle opener and wine glasses
    • A small picnic rug, which could line the basket or crate
    • A copy of 'Australian Cheese Please', available at your local deli, or can be downloaded from
    • Handwritten tag tied around the top of the hamper with storage and handling instructions ( e.g. Please refrigerate, but bring to room temperature before serving.)
  10. --**How to present?**--
    • Wrap in lots of cellophane and tied with a bright colourful ribbon.
    • Cellophane, ribbon and tissue paper can be purchased from your florist.


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