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5 finger food ideas to feed a crowd

It’s the usual scenario, you’ve graciously offered to bring something to a party and the host has asked you to “Bring some nibbles”. You know, deep down, that a bag of corn chips (even the gourmet ones) is just not going to cut it. So the recipe search begins. It has to be quick, easy, make-ahead and won’t fall apart in the car (because that’s happened to all of us).

That’s where we come in! These top finger food ideas that are equal parts easy and impressive and all happen to revolve around delicious, versatile cheese. Enjoy!

Cucumber, Mascarpone and Salmon Rolls

These luxe rolls filled with lemon mascarpone and rich smoked salmon, are a cinch to make, uber impressive and a great low-carb and gluten free option. Make ahead and store refrigerated until you’re ready to serve.

Summer Chicken Caprese Bites

Sweet tomatoes, milky mozzarella and spicy basil are the tastes of summer and happen to also be in gorgeous Christmas colours! These nibblies can also be enjoyed cold if you’re bringing them to a party.

Mini Savoury Danishes

Keep this recipe and some frozen puff pastry on hand and you can whip these up in a heartbeat. Once you’ve mastered the technique fill them with anything – it’s a great way to use up little bits leftover cheese from blue, to brie, to cheddar and everything in between.

Mini Date and Fennel Scones with Blue Cheese

Make one wedge of blue cheese feed a whole crowd by serving atop fluffy mini date and fennel scones with a twirl of prosciutto. If you’re transporting them or taking them on a picnic, serve the elements separately and let everyone make their own. 

Baked Ricotta and Pancetta Tarts

These delicious bake-ahead ricotta tarts can be served warm or cold and are always a crowd pleaser!

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