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Easter Hybrids – When one favourite’s not enough!

When you just can’t choose between two of your favourite Easter treats, the FOMO is real.
We know the feeling… so we’ve developed a collection of our favourite hybrid recipes, that is, two of your favourite desserts combined into one knockout Easter creation. 
We’re very serious.

Wagon Wheel + Ice cream Cake = Wagon Wheel Ice Cream Cake

Well, who wouldn’t want to taste a childhood favourite in cakey ice cream form? If you think this looks too tricky, then take another look. We’ve used supermarket staples to create this stunning dessert in no time. See the recipe.

Honey joy + caramel popcorn = Honey Caramel Popcorn Easter Egg Nests

If you’re old enough to remember lolly gobble bliss bombs, then this is your “Aha” moment. For those who aren’t, think honey joy cross caramel popcorn deliciousness. Kids will love these! See the recipe.

Chocolate Ripple + Cheesecake = Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake 

Would you believe this cake involves just 5 ingredients? And you don’t even have to crush biscuits or make a crust. Get this on your Easter table. See the recipe.

Chocolate Truffles + Hot Cross Buns = Hot Cross Truffles 

When you can’t decide between these two Easter essentials, take one bite of these spiced cream cheese truffles and be transported to Hot Cross Bun heaven! See the recipe.

Nutella Doughnuts + White Chocolate Cheesecake = Nutella Doughnut Cheesecake 

Quite possibly the easiest cheesecake you’ll ever make. Think white chocolate cheesecake smothered Nutella doughnuts! Have I got your attention? This is easy enough for a budding young chef to put together – they’ll be so proud of their efforts and it’ll take one thing off your hands! See the recipe.

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