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5 Cheese platters to solve every situation

Everybody loves a cheese board in summer. It’s the easy entertainer- pull a few wedges out of the fridge, embellish with a few crackers and what-nots and you’re kicking back by the pool sipping bubbly in no-time!

But how do you know which fromage your crowd will fancy? Whatif you’re on a budget, or watching the waistline or trying to impress a crowd of hipsters?! Keep calm, we’ve got a cheese board for every social situation. It’s amazing what cheese can do. 

1. The Grazing Platter

Your sophisticated all-rounder. Perfect for a crowd with a little bit of everything, this board is practically a meal!

The cheese:

- Try a selection of our 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards finalists
- A vintage cheddar, gouda or edam, a creamy and mild blue and a ball of mozzarella

The sidekicks:

- Prosciutto wrapped grissini sticks, salami, blanched asparagus, feta stuffed capsicums, olives and sundried tomatoes. 

2. The Bloke’s Cheese Platter

Make sure the stubbies are on ice when you whip this platter out. Perfect for feeding a hungry crowd, this platter is unapologetically bold. Great for a group of guys, or equally girls!

The cheese:

- Aussie smoked cheddar, strong and salty blue, raclette or gruyere, marinated Persian feta.

The sidekicks:

- Pastrami or ham, chips and pickles, nuts, salami, pickled onions, olives and plenty of fresh bread. 

Video: Watch how to create this platter.

3. Hipster Cheese platter 

This is one serious cheese board. You’ll have your cold-brew-drinking, kombucha-loving friends lining up their iPhones to get a pic of this uber cool selection!

Pair up:

- Raclette with cultured vegetables

- Labne smeared on veggie chips

- Pungent washed rind with shards of crunchy maple glazed bacon

- Blue cheese, with cinnamon doughnut and coffee syrup (believe it!)

4. Fresh and Fruity

We’re all trying to look trim at the pool this summer, but there’s no reason you can’t still eat your favourite cheese! The science is in to show that cheese can offer a fat burning edge to your summer meal plan. This fresh and fruity platter is a great way to enjoy cheese in summer and keep it light.

Pair up:

- Fresh balls of mozzarella with rockmelon and prosciutto

- Brie with fresh peaches and raspberries

- Baked ricotta with chilli and lemon (serve on some flaxseed crackers)

- Labne with fresh baby carrots and kale chips   

5. The Budget Board

We’ve all found ourselves in this predicament. Serving up something impressive on a handful of spare change is not easy. But there’s always a way…. and here it is:
Pick up a small block of vintage supermarket cheddar (try one of our AGDA finalists!) then, cut in wedges so that it looks a little fancy!

Brie that is close to its best before date often goes on sale…this is the perfect time to buy it! The closer it gets to the best before date, the riper it becomes. 

A wedge of fresh ricotta from the deli is the cheapest cheese you can buy and also sometimes the most delicious. Serve fresh with a sprinkling of dukkah, (or olive oil and salt and black pepper) or bake it and serve warm.

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