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Back to school lunchbox inspiration

Did you eat all your lunch today? That is the question on many parent’s lips as kids start back at school. This year, make their answer a resounding ‘Yes!’ with a little bit of lunchbox inspiration from The Dairy Kitchen.

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5 Cheese platters to solve every situation

Everybody loves a cheese board in summer. We've got 5 cheese platters to solve your every social situation.

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Compost Slice

Healthy Meals with Cheese

Sweet dreams are made of cheese and the great news is, that it’s doing some good for your body too! It’s packed with protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer, calcium for bone health and a host of other nutrients that, as a package, help to deliver some pretty strong health benefits. 

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Dairy And Veg Collection

In the wake of research showing that Aussies are a long way from meeting their recommended serves of vegetables and dairy, we've created a collection of vegetable-packed, calcium-rich recipes to inspire and motivate.

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Fresh Blends

Keep your favourite ingredients on hand for a smooth start to the day or an afternoon kick.

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Cheese Pairings

Some say cheese should be served with nothing more than a knife. But often, the perfect accompaniment can elevate a cheese from everyday to extraordinary.

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Calcium Rich Recipes

We've created a collection of inspirational, calcium-packed recipes designed to help you to meet your daily dairy requirements - something that can be particularly challenging for women over 50 who need four serves a day of calcium-rich milk, cheese and yoghurt to protect against thinning bones.

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Superfoods Collection

First there was quinoa, then there was kale, now it is all eyes on chia seeds and coconut. With a new superfood being uncovered almost daily, navigating this complex nutritional territory can be tough. One super food, however, has stood the test of time - good old, tried and tested yoghurt. And, it just so happens that yoghurt is exceptional when paired with other superfoods for a double whammy of nutritional value.

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