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The top cheese you need on your board this Autumn

As Autumn approaches and we start dreaming of cosy nights with a bottle of wine in front of a roaring fire, it’s time to start thinking about changing up our usual go-to cheeses for something more suited to the cooler months.

We asked Milk The Cow’s very own cheese expert, Laura Lown, to give us the rundown on how you can create the ultimate Autumn cheese board.

Strike a balance

When you’re wanting to create an amazing cheese board you should look for a good range and balance of flavours, with  cheeses that exhibit more depth and complexity but are balanced overall. You wouldn’t want a full board of just robust, sharp, salty cheeses as your palate needs diversity.

The 5 cheese rule

Beginning with the 5 cheese rule, choose something from each family of cheese: a blue, hard, white mould, rind washed and then your 5th – also known as the wild card – that way you have something for everyone, as well as a range of flavours and textures to bounce between.

Laura’s Top 3 Australian cheeses you should try this Autumn

1.The Mountain Man by L’Artisan in Timboon

This local gem is a soft washed rind cheese made in a similar style to the famous Alpine Reblochon which is traditionally eaten in Winter, served melted over potatoes and baked. 

2.Venus Blue by The Prom Country in Gippsland

With subtle spice and a creamy mouthfeel it’s perfect to stand up to a brisk cold evening with a glass of vino!

3.Berry Creek Riverine Blue in Gippsland

This blue has a soft and creamy texture with a delicacy that makes the purity of the milk shine through. When paired with a Pinot Noir it gives the taste a sweetness that is almost like white chocolate.

And, if you’re wanting a little more on your board, try some of these suggestions from The Dairy Kitchen.

The Dairy Kitchen’s Top 3 selection for Autumn

1. Bay of Fires Cheddar by Fowlers Cheese in Tasmania

The traditional cloth rind on this cheddar imparts all the gorgeous earthy flavours of autumn into the cheese inside. Enjoy this multi Australian Grand Dairy Award winner with a rich glass of your favourite red and some traditional oatcakes or pickles. 

2. Woombye Cheese Camembert, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

There’s nothing like an oozy camembert to make the crowds swoon and this one is no exception. Eat it fully ripe for maximum flavor and silkiness.  

3. Monforte by Section 28 Cheese, Adelaide Hills 

A newcomer to the Adelaide Hills this cheese has already picked up a trophy at the Delicious Produce Awards and placed as a national finalist in the Australian Grand Dairy Awards. It is sweet, milky and fruity when young and becomes more concentrated and buttery with emerging roasted nut flavours and an earthy undertone as it ages. 

If you’re not the type to lay out a cheese board at home then head in to one of Milk the Cow’s Melbourne locations and let the experts lead the way.

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