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Long live the cheese board: 5 tips to use up leftover cheese

Watch how to make this festive cheeseboard. 

Before you think about cooking that grand turkey and serving up a plate of butter-drizzled potatoes, there’s another Christmas delight you’ll no doubt be serving up a few times this festive season – cheese. And lots of it!

If you’ve got a few bits of cheese left on your cheese board at the end of the day, don't throw it away! Cheese expert and teacher at the Artisan Cheesemaking Academy Gina Dal Santo, shows us how to savour every last bite! 

Let’s clarify one thing first and foremost - there is no such thing as leftover cheese in my house!

Being Italian, I was brought up to always finish a meal with a little cheese. There were always at least two or three cheese varieties in the fridge so I learnt to get creative with them.

If you do find yourself with leftover cheese this Christmas and aren’t sure what to do, here are some ideas:

1. Blue cheese 

  • Scraps can be made into a salad dressing with a little sour cream, black pepper and chives or simply crumbled through a pear and rocket salad. A fantastic light plate for a boxing day barbecue 
  • Melt it into cream for a delicious simple cheese sauce for gnocchi or pasta
  • Smear it on a steak, or baked potato for a quick dinner

Try The Dairy Kitchen’s Brie and Cherry Salad with Warm Quince Dressing recipe.

 2. Camembert, brie or washed rind cheese 

  • Any of these are heaven in a sandwich with leftover turkey or ham with cranberry sauce
  • Whip it through mashed potato
  • Drape over a salad with Christmas cherries and crisp leaves

3. Parmesan or romano

  • Either of these delicious cheeses can be grated and frozen for soups and pasta later
  • Freezing cheese may sound a little odd, but it works. Plus, it’s worlds better than throwing it out!
  • Grate parmesan onto a crunchy dressed salad of shredded cabbage, mint and prosciutto 

4. Semi-hard cheese, cheddar, gouda or edam

  • Any of these can be used for pasta bake, or if you’re in the mood, a little fondue 
  • Grate them all up, toss them in a bag and freeze it for an amazing gourmet cheese mix next time you need some

5. Any cheese

  • One word: toasties!

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to create the ultimate festive cheese board, look no further... @TheDairyKitchen has it covered.