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25 Oct 2013

Judges are convening for the 15th annual Australian Grand Dairy Awards at the Dairy Australia offices in Melbourne on 25 and 30 October 2013 to put 400 plus products through a rigorous and highly technical judging process to select Australia’s best cheese and best dairy product.

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Tasmania home of 2013 Dairy Farmer of the Year

18 Sep 2013

Dairy Australia congratulates Tasmanian dairy farming family, the Framptons, on being named the 2013 Dairy Farmer of the Year.

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Dairy food helps frailty - new research

05 Aug 2013

As National Healthy Bones Week unfolds, new Australian research is adding weight to dairy’s beneficial role in protecting bone health.

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Dairy Australia celebrates its Legendairy industry

12 Jul 2013

Australia’s dairy industry is showcasing its resilience, pride and tenacity with the launch of a major new communications initiative from Dairy Australia, set to break nationally on August 4.

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Aussies urged to put more milk on the menu

03 Jun 2013

World Milk Day on June 1 sees Australian dairy experts concerned by the great divide between reported consumption of dairy foods and official recommendations.

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Full fat milk and cheese cut risk by 60 percent

29 Nov 2012

Australian-first research has shown regular-fat dairy foods such as milk and cheese are not the heart health villains they were once thought to be.

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