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Trust your gut, but rethink removing dairy from diet

01 Dec 2016

A leading US lactose digestion expert says people who experience digestive problems should rethink limiting or cutting out dairy foods from their diet.

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Legendairy Capital Documentary

07 Nov 2016

To celebrate the success of the LEGENDAIRY Capital program, Dairy Australia has launched a documentary showcasing the dairy farmers and regional communities around the country that participated in last year’s inaugural program.   

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Olympian Klim in the kitchen to help Aussie kids’ get more calcium into their daily diet

18 Oct 2016

Ahead of World Osteoporosis Day on October 20, gold medal swimmer Michael Klim is jumping into the kitchen to highlight research showing kids and teens are missing out on calcium in daily meals - putting their bones at risk as they grow.

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Increasing dairy can help weight loss

18 Aug 2016

Recent research findings add to the growing body of evidence showing the beneficial role of dairy foods in managing weight.

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June 1 is World Milk Day: Five reasons to raise a glass today and every day

25 May 2016

In celebration of the 15th annual World Milk Day coming up on Wednesday 1 June, here’s five reasons why we should all raise a glass!

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Aussies urged to double the veg and add a serve of dairy

18 May 2016

New research shows Australians are a long way from meeting their recommended daily serves of veg and dairy, take a tip from The Dairy Kitchen.

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