Nutrition from 50

How much is enough?

Probably more than you realise!

As a result of the updated scientific evidence, the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines recommended higher intakes of the dairy food group, for most age groups than previous guidelines. Current dairy food group recommendations for adults is shown below. 


What is a serve of dairy?

A serve of dairy is not a splash of milk in your tea or coffee, dollop of yogurt on your cereal or half a wheel of brie.

Below is an illustration of what a serves actually is?


Unfortunately, almost 8 in 10 adults miss out on the health benefits that come from consuming enough milk, cheese and yogurt.

How do I fit in the recommended dairy serves over a day?

If you’re one of those adults who does not have enough dairy foods, it’s probably time to start making some small changes to up the dairy in your diet. You can start making gradual changes. Firstly, make room for more milk, cheese and yogurt in your diet by cutting down on junk foods – that’s foods and drinks containing a high number of Kilojoules but few nutrients, such as cakes, muffins, sweet biscuits and sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

Foods to reduce or remove from the diet:

Getting more dairy into your diet?

Start by making sure you actually know how much dairy is recommended for you, based on age and gender.

Then plan to start and end your day with dairy foods – that way you know you’ll already be well on your way to meeting your daily recommendation.

Take a look at our meal planners and dairy recipes to help you along the way.

Remember though for individual nutrition advice see your General Practitioner or Accredited Practising Dietitian.