Dairy & your Lifestage

Start and end your day with dairy foods.

FREE Legendairy Cookbook

Download your free Legendairy cookbook, for delicious ideas and recipes to Start and End your day with dairy foods!

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Women and dairy foods

Did you know it’s recommended that women over 50 have four serves of dairy each day?

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How much is enough?

How much dairy are you getting into your diet? Chances are not enough! Find out what is recommended for you.

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How to fit dairy into your menu

Menu planners to help you include dairy as part of a balanced diet, every day.

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Delicious and healthy recipe ideas

Discover the versatility of dairy with these quick, easy and inspiring recipes for every day cooking at home.

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Dairy foods and your health

There’s lots more to dairy foods than calcium and bone health – discover what else they are good for.

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