Tip-top teeth

Milk and other dairy foods such as cheese and yogurt contain a unique combination of special anti-decay nutrients – calcium, phosphorus and the protein, casein.

Research has indicated hard cheese has been linked to decreased risk of dental cavities and erosion and milk has also been linked to decreased risk of cavities, making it a good drink choice between meals.

Most Australian kids aren’t meeting the recommended serves of milk, cheese and yogurt and/or alternatives every day. In a recent survey, kids consumed more than one cup of fruit juice per day and some even reported consuming two cups or more of soft drinks, cordials and sports drinks a day. These drinks contribute to dental decay and erosion. Milk and water are the best drink choices for your child and help to keep their teeth in tip-top condition.

For more information on dental health read our Dental Health fact sheet or check out the Australian Dental Association website.