Kids in the Kitchen

Kids are more likely to eat what they help prepare, so involve your child in simple tasks like making sandwiches or a batch of muffins. Some great recipes and delicious snacks which allow kids to use their hands and get creative include:

  • Mini pizzas: pre make some pizza dough and then your child can roll it out and add their favourite toppings like lean ham, mushrooms, red capsicum and cheddar cheese. Alternatively use English muffins, pita bread or crumpets as the pizza base.
  • Muffins: the choice of varieties and toppings are endless.
  • Smoothies: adding fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt and milk to a blender and whizzing until smooth is delicious and easy for kids.

Try these other great tips for shake and smoothie making:

  • Icy cold milk is the secret to making the frothiest milkshakes and smoothies
  • Add a couple of ice blocks and some ice cream to the blender when making milkshakes and smoothies for an extra thick, cold shake
  • If you have any leftover milkshake pour it into ice trays and freeze to use when making your next milkshake
  • Freeze any leftover fruit from an afternoon snack or fruit platter, and pop it in the blender with your next smoothie
  • Get adventurous for the best smoothies and thick shakes – let your imagination run wild!