School kids kicking nutrition goals

Dairy Australia has partnered with the Collingwood Football Club to spread the word about why dairy foods are Legendairy for athletes of all ages. In May 2015, a group of lucky school kids heard from the players at the Collingwood ‘Magpie Stars’ kids clinic, about how they can use dairy foods before and after sport or training to be their best.

Active kids

Dairy foods are a tasty and healthy way for your child to fuel up before activity and recover after activity. For tips and meal ideas for active kids, check out the information below located on our partner website Fox Sports Pulse Nutrition Hub.

Nutrition advice for active kids

  1. Hunger buster snacks for active kids
  2. Breakfast fuel for active kids
  3. Healthy body weight in active kids
  4. Surviving sports carnivals
  5. Go, grow and glow foods for active kids