Dairy Foods, Sport & Fitness


At the elite level, events are decided by tenths or hundredths of seconds—having the right mix of training and nutrition can be the difference between an athlete winning a gold medal or missing out altogether.

See what elite AIS athletes Jessica Rothwell and David Crawshay have to say about milk and dairy foods for performance.

Jessica Rothwell, elite athlete. Milk Drinker

“ Milk gives me the protein I need for muscle repair and helps me maintain a lean body mass. It’s my natural choice.”

As an exceptionally talented and successful young walker at the Australian Institute of Sport, Jessica Rothwell knows the importance of strong bones, building lean muscle and keeping in shape. Jess uses milk and dairy in her diet because it’s delicious, easy to consume when you’re on the go and gives her the nutrients, calcium, protein and amino acids she needs in just the right ratio.

Jess also relies on milk and yogurt drinks as her rehydration and recovery fluid after both training and events. With nothing artificial and around 10g of protein per 250ml serve, milk is the perfect nutrient package to help you tone up and achieve your goals. In fact, women who drink 500ml of skim milk after training gain more muscle and lose more fat compared to women who drink sugar-based energy drinks.

So take the advice of elite athletes like Jess and get more from your daily workout. Whether it’s a new Personal Best or going for gold, make the most of your magic moment, with milk.

David Crawshay, Olympian and Gold Medal winning rower. Milk Drinker

“ As an athlete, dairy is what I wake up to, and what I go to bed with.”

Olympian and Gold medallist rower, David Crawshay, relies on milk and other dairy products as a cornerstone of his intense nutritional regime. David has felt firsthand the difference milk makes to his performance goals. He believes, as scientific studies continue to demonstrate, that milk helps build lean muscle, trim fat and rehydrate.

David drinks between 1 and 1.5 litres of skim milk every day. He goes to bed with dairy and wakes up to it in the morning. As a shake or flavoured drink, it is also his rehydration and recovery drink of choice after training and events.

So take a solid gold training tip from elite athletes like David and make milk a part of your daily workout. Whether it’s a new Personal Best or a Gold Medal, make the most of your magic moment, with milk.