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Muscle up with milk

Whether you want to tone muscles or burn fat, what you drink is just as important as your exercise regime. Research shows drinking milk after resistance exercise can increase muscle mass and fat loss.

Build muscle and burn fat, naturally

We all know that having protein after working out helps build lean muscle mass. But did you know that not all proteins are created equal? There’s a reason the proteins found in milk – whey and casein – are the most common proteins used in nutrition supplements designed for muscle gains.

Milk contains high-quality proteins that provide all the essential amino acids needed to build and maintain muscle mass. Milk’s unique blend of casein and whey contain amino acids in a pattern similar to muscle protein. Casein is a slow-to-digest and slow-release protein which has been shown to reduce muscle breakdown. Whey is a fast-acting and quick-absorbing protein with a high concentration of leucine – a branched chain amino acid. Leucine specifically stimulates the building of new muscle tissue.*

A 2007 study found male weight lifters who drank skim milk after a workout built about twice as much muscle as those who drank soy beverages.** And there’s good news for women too. A recent study showed that females who drank 500 ml of skim milk one hour after lifting weights gained more lean muscle and lost more fat than those who had a sugar-based energy drink.***

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