Dairy and Healthy Weight

How dairy foods can help your weight management!

You’ve read how dairy foods aren’t linked to weight gain and may even help to keep your weight on track. But how? While we still don’t know for sure, it seems that nature has got it just right. Research has shown the protein in dairy can help keep you feeling full for longer, while at the same time dairy calcium may reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs.

While this science might be news to some, for Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat, the concept of dairy foods assisting with weight management is nothing new.

In her acclaimed book, Mireille writes about yogurt as a secret to tame hunger, revealing that French women often enjoy two serves a day. Now no one, especially Mireille, is suggesting that if you indulge in a dairy-only diet you are going to suddenly lose weight. The trick (as Mireille refers to it in her book) to enjoying a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight is not to avoid dairy, but to embrace it.

So now, Mireille wants to share how Australian women can enjoy good foods like milk, cheese and yogurt without gaining weight. It’s French Women Don’t Get Fat Australian style.

For more of Mireille’s tips, read her Manifesto for Australian women.

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