Dairy & Your Health

Did you know having enough milk, yogurt and cheese has a range of health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, osteoporosis and obesity?
Most Australians need to have more dairy foods every day. Their unique combination of nutrients makes them important to our health – no matter what our age.
Let's explore how to maximise the health benefits of dairy foods.

Dairy Health Benefits

Having enough milk, yogurt and cheese can be good for your heart, blood pressure and weight.

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Dairy Part of a Balanced Diet

What does a balanced diet look like? How do dairy foods fit in?

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Dairy and Healthy Weight

Milk, cheese and yogurt can help you manage your weight – there’s no need to ditch dairy, even when you’re dieting.

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Dairy Myths

We are busting those common dairy myths.

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Dairy Nutrients

Find our more about how these nutrients in dairy foods can help you achieve better health.

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Dairy Foods, Sport & Fitness

Whether you’re a serious athlete or you’re exercising for your general health and fitness, dairy foods can help you achieve your goals.

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Resources for Your Health

Order your dairy nutrition resources, fact sheets or ask any dairy nutrition related questions.

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Dairy Serves Calculator

Access serve recommendations for the five food groups based on your age and gender.

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