Stanhope - Murray Dairy Region - 2015 Legendairy Capital Finalist

Stanhope says they’re a tiny town with LEGENDAIRY spirit

Stanhope is not just a group of people connected by geography, but a LEGENDAIRY spirit that can be seen through various community groups and teams. The town say in order to continue to prosper, they understand the need to keep its young residents active, engaged and local.

Through the town’s sporting teams, and families coming together to encourage, meet, play, support and socialise with one another, they demonstrate a community spirit that is unrivalled. In fact, they say it’s not unusual to see the primary school working alongside the fire brigade to ensure the place is tidy, or for the Auskick team to be partnering with the cricket club to patch up a driveway.

The Stanhope community will use their Community Grant to begin to build a playground at the Stanhope Recreation Reserve - a project identified and supported by the many groups and local residents who use the reserve.