Port Elliot History



Population: 1,700

Retirement and tourism are the town's most important industries.

Port Elliot is located toward the eastern end of the south coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula on Horseshoe Bay, 84 kilometres south of Adelaide, South Australia. The first milk processing plant was built in the Port Elliot during the 1890s, so this is rich dairy country, steeped in a history where dairy has always played an important role in the growth of the town and the surrounding regions.

Today, Port Elliot is the home to many dairy industry retirees, and claims to have the biggest single concentration of ‘dairy legends’ than anywhere else in the country. Many of these legends are members and leading lights of the Southern Fleurieu Historical Museum which has become the meeting place where they’re involved in the collection and restoration of artifacts retrieved from farms and factories in the district over the years. These dairy men and women share the areas farming history with visitors from around the world as well as local residents.