Meeniyan History



Population: 645

Dairy farming and tourism.

Meeniyan, a small country town on the South Gippsland Highway between Leongatha and Foster, lies in the middle of some of the richest dairy land in Victoria, and indeed Australia. The dairy sector is the largest single contributor to the South Gippsland economy, providing direct employment for over 1,200 people and accounting for nearly $313 million of the region’s wealth. This is a proud community that relies on its farming community to prosper. The Post Office opened on 16 August 1890, shortly before the railway arrived and the town’s economy was built on the weekly farming markets with dairy played an important role -  in those days cream was the main produce and the skimmed-milk by-product was used as feed for the growing piggeries. Today, milk tankers criss-cross the area picking up milk and delivering it to processors, and while the smaller factories have disappeared, the larger companies continue to play a vital role in the