- According to Gary 

Debbie’s job is pretty full on. Strong bones and muscles are really important so she can move and balance and be ready to withstand all those bumps, knocks and surprises the slide she’s tackling might throw at her.

Top priority is calcium for Deb. As any star slider knows, a sturdy skeleton is really important. Luckily, along with a combo of other bone building nutrients, milk gives her a major calcium hit in each glass, smoothie or latté.

If she didn’t drink the white stuff she’d need to eat five cups of cooked broccoli, 32 Brussels sprouts or a cup of almonds to get the same amount of calcium as one glass of milk – that’s crazy!

Keeping Deb’s muscles in top nick is our other priority.

She needs to be toned, flexible and agile so she’s ready for anything when she’s out on the slide. She counts on the high-quality protein in milk to build those muscles in preparation, and repair them after a gruelling session. It’s amazing what milk can do!