Rehydrate. Refuel. Repair.


 - According to Gary 

It’s my job to get Deb back into her Peak Zone (PZ) as quickly as possible after a hard day’s work – so immediately after a training or sliding phase, she’ll smash down a glass of rejuvenating, replenishing, rehydrating milk.

It’s got the low-GI carbs she needs to refuel her muscles and keep her powering through.

Then there’s fluid and electrolytes in just the right concentrations to bring her up to optimal hydration status ASAP.

And it’s got high-quality whey and casein proteins to supply the amino acids her muscles crave.  Just the thing to repair wear and tear and get her straight back out there.

It’s this natural nutrient combo that has shown milk - and chocolate milk - outperform, outstrip and outclass more well-known sports drinks time and time again.  It’s science!