How Many Nutrients?


- According to Gary

You know people are always talking about cutting this and that out of their diet. Well, we focus on getting the good things in!

Take milk - it’s one of the most nutritionally complete foods - er, drinks – no, that’s ‘foods AND drinks’ around.  It’s got 8 essential nutrients to help keep your body in top nick. Eight!

We all know it’s got a tonne of calcium – the key ingredient for strong bones, but there is also:

  • Protein – Think muscles, think strength.
  • Vitamin A – Eye health, like carrots!
  • Riboflavin – Too many things to mention… some examples are skin function, energy release, reduction of fatigue.
  • Vitamin B12 – It’s all about energy release
  • Iodine – This one’s good for your brain – keeps you sharp!
  • Phosphorus – Bones and teeth are the key benefits here.
  • Potassium – It’s an electrolyte plus it helps keep you hydrated.

Blimey - it sounds like a multivitamin! And, these are just some of the benefits.

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