Comboyne History



Population: 600

Dairy farming and tourism are the town’s most important industries.

Beautiful Comboyne is a small town of 600 people situated on the top on one of Australia only inhabited plateaus on the mid-north coast of NSW,  60kms south-west of Port Macquarie. The original settlers in the early 1900s were either dairy farmers or timber workers, and there were originally 130 dairy farms in the Comboyne area. The first cow was milked in 1904 and the first cream from the area was taken to nearby John’s River and then taken by boat to Taree. The Butter Factory was built in 1911 and officially opened in 1914. 

With each change in the industry the number of farms has decreased, and today there are 14 dairy farms left on the Comboyne plateau. Ironically, these farms actually produce as much or more milk as back when there were ten times the number of dairy farms. Farms in Comboyne today are larger and the production per head has increased enormously. Each year the community comes together to bring thousands of people up the mountain to showcase the town, the people and the truly amazing Comboyne landscape. 

The Comboyne Show, the Comboyne Village Fair, the Comboyne Camp Draft and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Auction are just four examples of how the town’s community embraces the opportunity to showcase itself to the wider public.  All four events are made possible by the volunteers from the local community and are sponsored and supported by local dairy farmers.