Our Legendairy Towns

Our Legendairy Towns


From Maffra to Malanda, from Burnie to Busselton, the excitement is mounting - as is the good natured parochial rivalry!

One town in each of these dairy regions will be placed on the list of Australia’s most proud, resilient and innovative regional communities and be given the chance to receive the inaugural honour of being recognised as the best example of dairy industry and local community collaboration in the country.

Coraki (NSW)

The town of Coraki have continued to make a positive contribution to the dairy industry.

Informing the community of the significant contribution the town has made to dairy in the past and emphasising the importance of it in fostering a positive spirit among its people is a key focus of Coraki. Similarly, making the community aware of how further involvement in the industry can create new employment and business opportunities is of great significance to the town.

If successful in receiving a community grant, Coraki, in cooperation with the local CWA, will seek to further promote the contributions of local dairy farmers to the industry and the quality of their produce.

Poowong (Vic)


Poowong shows LEGENDAIRY pride.

The Gippsland town of Poowong has a long, proud dairy farming history, stretching back to its first commercial dairy farm and cheese factory in late 1800s. Since then, the town has always held dairy close to its heart, from the peaceful post-war years, to the dairy-themed floats in the town’s centenary parade in 1974, to the local Strzelecki Lions Club forming the Poowong Dairy Expo in 2000.

Although a small town of less than 1000 residents, Poowong’s community has held fast through good and bad times, including devastating floods in 2003, which saw people pool their resources to support those affected.

If successful in the search for Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital, a community grant would help the Poowong Historical Group maintain the Poowong Pioneer Chapel, which is a significant landmark for the community.

Eskdale (Vic)

Eskdale community a bright example of LEGENDAIRY Spirit.

Eskdale lies at the centre of the Mitta Valley, in the Murray Dairy Region, and is a bright example of farming passion and community spirit.

Dairy is a fundamental part of life in Eskdale, not only providing direct and secondary jobs for locals, but keeping vital goods, services and people in the town.

Local farmers have been instrumental in supporting the local ‘Our Valley, Our Future’ project, which aims to ensure the sustainability of dairy communities in the Mitta Valley now and into the future. The initiative delivers a wide range of community projects; from education for the area’s young people, to funding community facilities, and supporting the development of farmers and local businesses.

With a long list of community projects on the go, Eskdale residents are now hoping to establish a local farmers market for the community. Being named Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital would certainly help to achieve this ambitious dream, and put local Eskdale produce on the map.

Simpson (Vic)


Simpson shines as a LEGENDAIRY example.

Simpson may be one of the younger towns in Victoria’s Western District, but its community certainly has enough spirit and passion for dairy farming to make up for it.

Dairy and the community work together to support each other through thick and thin, with the town recently hosting thousands of people at a rodeo to raise funds for Simpson’s recreation centre, and local groups are constantly working with organisations to enhance the town for its residents.

Simpson’s local primary school is at the heart of the community, keeping families in the area and educating the next generation of Simpson locals. If named Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital and grant recipients, Simpson’s community will give the school a much-needed boost to help anchor the community and ensure its longevity.

Bega (NSW)

Is Bega Australian dairy’s big cheese?

The New South Wales town of Bega is a beacon for the dairy industry, with its reputable products and proud farmers.

Many residents are either dairy farmers or work in the industry, which has put Bega on the map and made it a household name among Australians. These passionate dairy people are involved in a wide range of community organisations and initiatives that bring the town together.

Nominations for Bega as Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital have called for support initiatives that promote community spirit and pride throughout the passionate dairy farming community.

Monto (Qld)

Monto in the mix for LEGENDAIRY recognition.

Located 340 km north-west of Brisbane, Monto has been a dairy farming town since the early 1920s. Fast forward almost 100 years and Monto remains proud of its resilient people and their contribution to the dairy industry.

 Home to the only dairy festival in the southern hemisphere, Monto’s weekend-long event sees the community gather to celebrate the industry and is known to draw former residents back to town to enjoy the festivities. Other local events and clubs also ensure Monto stays tight-knight and strong as a community can be.

An upgrade to the Monto & District Show Grounds where the festival is held would benefit many different community groups.

Shady Creek (Vic)


Shady Creek in the running for LEGENDAIRY Capital.

Gippsland’s dairy region is full of vibrant communities and according to their nomination, Shady Creek is no exception. Built on the hard work of generations of dairy farmers, the town has seen many older farmers pave the way for younger families to develop their skills and knowledge, ultimately contributing to the community’s success.

After the closing of the local primary school a few years ago, Shady Creek locals found it difficult to remain connected with one another. As a result, the Shady Creek Hall committee made it their mission to unite the small community, hosting functions and distributing a regular newsletter.

If successful in receiving a community grant from the LEGENDAIRY Capital initiative, Shady Creek would upgrade equipment used to develop and distribute its community newsletter to ensure this vital method of communication continues to connect the community. Renovations to the kitchen of the local hall would also allow for greater use of the facility and benefit the various local groups it brings together.

Tatura (Vic)

Tatura reckons it’s dairy’s top town.

Nestled in Victoria’s Murray Dairy region, Tatura is home to around 3,500 people and according to the community, is at the heart of Australian dairy. From dairy farmers to truck drivers, work farmers to production plant workers, the dairy industry is one of the biggest employers in the town, allowing its people to embrace opportunities and overcome challenges they face.

Nominations for Tatura have highlighted the town’s positive community spirit and unwavering support for one another both personally and publically, regardless of the circumstances.  

After serving the community for almost 100 years, Tatura would love to upgrade the town’s Victory Hall, if successful in receiving a community grant. Used by local primary schools and a number of community groups, renovations to the hall will address safety concerns as well as providing an up to date venue to be used by all of those in the town.

Meningie (SA)

Meningie has a dairy filled heart.

Located on the shoreline of Lake Albert in South Australia, Meningie is home to dairy farmers young and old and according to their nomination, has played a significant role in supporting the state’s dairying industry over the years.  

Overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities is second nature to the community of Meningie who say they will always come together when a need or project has been identified with individuals and or groups with important causes.

Promoting the native flora and fauna within the township of Meningie will be on the agenda for the community, if successful in receiving a grant from the LEGENDAIRY Capital initiative. They hope this work will increase the town’s ecotourism and emphasise the importance of the environment to the community.

Port Elliot (SA)

Port Elliot keen for LEGENDAIRY Capital title.

With a long history of dairy farming, Port Elliot is home to more living legends than anywhere else, they say. The town is the destination of choice for retired dairy farmers, many of whom were descendants of or became pioneers of the dairy industry.

Port Elliot prides itself on encouraging all members of the community to be involved in the town’s activities and initiatives. The annual Port Elliot Agricultural Show connects individuals from across the town and allows anyone to learn more about life on the farm.

A community grant from the LEGENDAIRY Capital program would contribute toward the development of a permanent dairy exhibit in the town’s Southern Fleurieu Historical Museum, showcasing a milking display, milk room, laboratory, cheese room and much more.

Brunswick Junction (WA)


Brunswick Junction hopes to be cream of the LEGENDAIRY crop.

Brunswick Junction in Western Australia’s town slogan says they’re ‘the cream of the South West’ and now they’re looking to gain another title, submitting their nomination as Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital.

With a strong dairy focus, the town’s various community events and initiatives, including the annual Brunswick Show and Youth Cattle Handlers camp, see significant involvement and support from the dairy industry. So proud of the positive impact of the sector, the Friesain cattle club of Australia commissioned a life size statue as mark of the contribution the Friesian breed had made to the prosperity of the Brunswick region.

If successful in receiving a community grant from the LEGENDAIRY Capital initiative, Brunswick Junction would look to establish a community garden, providing yet another opportunity for members to engage with one other.

Malanda (Qld)


Malanda thinks they’re LEGENDAIRY.

Malanda is keen to put their town on the map and with a dairy factory at the heart of the community supporting families for many years and a nomination submitted, they’re well and truly in the running to be Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital.

Community events and programs bring the town together and demonstrate a community spirit and connectedness unrivalled by any other town they say, with Autism Awareness Week a recent example of the industry and town supporting a worthwhile cause.

As the home of Malanda Milk and if successful in receiving a community grant, the community would love to build a giant dairy cow statue, increasing the profile of and ultimately tourism in the north Queensland town.

Wauchope (NSW)

A LEGENDAIRY nomination from Wauchope

The fertile river flats and lush green valleys of Wauchope are home to countless farming families who, over generations, have brought money and work into the town. It’s this and many other examples of the dairy industry and community working together that make Wauchope fit for the title of Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital, or so they say.
Community groups, farmers, and local business are in constant contact with one another and forever seeking to improve the town’s interconnectedness, common hopes, dreams and fears. In the face of adversity is when their strength as a town can be witnessed, with each challenge dealt with by the community, not the individual.  

If successful in receiving a community grant, Wauchope would use this to support a large scale Christmas event that will see members of the community of all ages come together to celebrate the town, with all funds raised supporting community groups and activities that serve the less fortunate.

Smithton (Tas)

LEGENDAIRY status for Smithton?

The locals of Smithton, Tasmania, say there’s no town better suited to be Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital than theirs. With a rich history of dairy farming, the town is full of examples of community spirit and connectedness.  

The dairy industry’s employment of some 200 people not only provides financial support and security to town members but also enhances the already present strong sense of community spirit and connectedness that allows them to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities.

If successful in receiving a community grant through the LEGENDAIRY Capital Program, the town would support projects at their local school that encourage understanding and acceptance of farming as a career choice.