Storing Cheese

  • Place in original wrapper, where possible.
  • If the original wrapper isn’t available or damaged, ask your cheesemonger or deli for some cheese paper, which is specially designed to help the cheese breathe.
  • Failing the first two options, cover the exposed surfaces of the cheese with waxed or baking paper and then loosely wrap in plastic wrap, allowing some air circulation around the cheese.
  • Tightly wrapping cheese in plastic wrap is only suitable for short periods of time as it can cause the cheese to sweat and deteriorate.
  • Store cheese in the vegetable draw of your fridge, as this is the warmest and most humid part of the fridge, perfect for cheese!
  • Keep fresh cheese in a covered container.
  • Ensure cheese is protected from other strong smelling foods.
  • Store robust cheeses such as washed rinds in an airtight container separate to other foods.
  • Purchase only the quantity of cheese that can be consumed within 1–2 weeks, noting the keeping qualities of each style of cheese.

For more information on storing specific cheese types see: