Dairy Foods


It all starts with pure, creamy milk – but have you ever wondered how blue cheese is made?
Or what the difference is between cream and crème fraiche?
Find out what goes into the wide range of Australian dairy products.


A nutritious creamy white meal for a youngster, and pure, liquid fuel for sporting teenagers and adults alike, it is even more luscious with a favourite flavour added.

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Add cheese to a favourite dish for that special touch. Sliced, cubed, grated or melted, let cheese lend its distinctive flavour to pasta dishes, salads and vegetables.

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Natural. Delicious. Nothing added. Butter is completely natural and has been in our diet for thousands of years.

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Rich and voluptuous by tradition and reputation, fresh cream gives a quality to recipes like no other product.

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The consistency of custard will depend on the quantity of eggs or starch, the type of milk or cream.

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Ice Cream

Australians love ice-cream with its myriad of delicious creamy flavours. Children and adults alike.

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Discover the restorative power of yogurt.

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