Australian Grand Dairy Awards

2019 Finalists

Category  Product  Producer 
Butter and Butter Blend
Western Star Salted Butter
Fonterra Brands 

Beautifully Butterfully Salted Butter 
Fonterra Brands 
  Beautifully Butterfully Unsalted Butter  Fonterra Brands
Cream Pure Double Cream
Tweedvale Milk
  Double Cream  Bulla Dairy Foods
  Meander Valley Dairy Double Cream  Tasmanian Food Co
Dairy Gelato  Hazelnut
Fritz Gelato
  Peanutzilla Cow & Moon 
  Chocolate Truffle Milani House of Gelato 
Flavoured Dairy Drink   Ice Break Bold Espresso
Parmalat Australia - Nambour
  Iced Coffee Flavoured Milk  Parmalat Australia - Harvey Fresh
  Real Iced Chocolate Ultimate Norco  Foods - Labrador
Flavoured Yoghurt   Greek  Honey Yoghurt
Mundella Foods
  Mango Lassi Sharma's Kitchen
  Mango & Passionfruit Yoghurt  Brownes Dairy
Ice Cream   Premium Chocolate Ice Cream Dooley's Ice Cream 
  Premium Lemon Curd Ice Cream  Dooley's Ice Cream 
  Licorice Gundowring Fine Foods 
Milk  Farmhouse Gold Full Cream Milk
Parmalat Australia - Harvey Fresh

Full Cream Milk

Parmalat Australia - Harvey Fresh
  Farmers Choice Guernsey Non-Homogenised Full Cream Milk  Maleny Dairies
Natural Yoghurt   BioDynamic Organic Whole Milk Yoghurt
Jalna Dairy Foods 
  Greek Style Natural Yoghurt
Brownes Dairy
  Greek Natural Yoghurt   Jalna Dairy Foods 
Specialty White Dairy Drink   Light Milk
Barambah Organics
  Capo Barista Milk
Norco Foods - Labrador

Norco 2%
Norco Foods - Labrador
Fresh Unripened   Trecce
Montefiore Cheese
  Haloumi  Floridia Cheese
Floridia Cheese
White Mould   Southern Briez
Apostle Whey Cheese
  Flinders Estate Ash Brie Unicorn Cheese 
  Triple Cream Brie Unicorn Cheese 
Semi-Hard and Eye   Torndirup Appenzelle
Dellendale Creamery
  Heidi Farm Tilsit Lion Dairy & Drinks - Burnie
  Heidi Farm Raclette  Lion Dairy & Drinks - Burnie 
Cheddar  Heritage Reserve Vintage Cheddar
Bega Cheese 
  Edward's Crossing Vintage Cheddar
Beston Global Food Company 
  Farmers' Tasty Cheddar  Bega Cheese 
Hard  Pecorino Pepato
Floridia Cheese
  Mil Lel Superior Parmesan Cheese Warrnambool Cheese & Butter 
  Pecorino   Floridia Cheese 
Blue  Roaring Forties Blue
King Island Dairy
  Oak Blue
Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese 
  Mossvale Blue   Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese 
Washed Rind  Tasmanian Heritage Red Square
Lion Dairy & Drinks - Burnie
  Blackall Gold Woombye Cheese Company 
  Stormy Washed Rind   Lion Dairy & Drinks - King Island Dairy
Flavoured  Torndirrup Native Herb Dellendale Creamery
  Emporium Persian Fetta Classic
Yarra Valley Dairy 
  Basil Haloumi  The Riverina Dairy
Goat's, Sheep's, Buffalo   Buffalo Ricotta
That's Amore Cheese

Riverine Blue
Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese

Chevre Plain
Meredith Dairy



Flinders Estate Ash Brie 200g