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Legendairy Ladies find a reason to smile

The 2016 South West Legendairy Ladies Luncheon at Noorat on Tuesday gave 300 women a chance to get off the farm to enjoy fun and socialising.

The South West Legendairy Ladies group was formed about three years ago by dairy farmers Simone Renyard, now WestVic Dairy’s chairperson, and Roma Britnell MP, Member for South West Coast.

Mrs Britnell, who was emcee for the day, said the luncheon paid tribute to the amazing women in the dairy industry and gave them a chance to network and unwind.

“It’s important for women to get together for their health and wellbeing,” she said. “This gives them a chance to debrief and it encourages strength.

“Women get good value from each other’s company. In good times and in tough times it’s important for women to get together, and there’s also value in men doing the same thing.”

“This is one of those great days where women get to network and feel revitalised.”

Nullawarre farmers Tania Nevill and Leesa Bryce both enjoyed the day as a social outing.

“It’s good to get out with like-minded people,” Tania said. 

“I’m a social person and I like to go out and see people,” Leesa added. “It’s good to keep up a network and talk with people who are experiencing the same things.”

Friends from Simpson, Karen Blain, Kylie Rowe and Vicky Crole, attended the luncheon for the first time.

“It’s all-consuming on the farm at the moment so this was an opportunity for a day out,” Kylie said.

The luncheon featured GP and health advocate Dr Sally Cockburn, known as `Dr Feelgood’ who kept the room laughing. The annual event was run by the South West Legendairy Ladies and WestVic Dairy with funding support from the Gardiner Foundation.

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