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Tasmania home of 2013 Dairy Farmer of the Year

Dairy Australia congratulates Tasmanian dairy farming family, the Framptons, on being named the 2013 Dairy Farmer of the Year in Melbourne last Thursday in front of a large crowd of key industry and government representatives, special guests and media.

The Framptons, who already hold the accolade of being named Tasmanian Dairy Farmer of the year in 2011/12 are fifth and sixth generation dairy farmers from Gawler, located on Devonport’s urban fringe.

Their ‘keep it simple’ principle particularly impressed the judges, who noted: “When so many other farms are getting bigger, more complex and high tech, the Framptons have opted for clever simplicity.

“Their main premise is low cost of productivity, especially with labour, fertiliser and weed control, but with special attention to animal health.”

Sixth generation dairy farmer, Rob Frampton, who was on hand last night to accept the award, highlighted the importance of profitability above productivity.

He said: “We don’t concentrate too much on production per cow, rather production per hectare and the efficiency of the cow, in terms of fertility and health traits.

“It’s all about turning as much grass as possible into milk.”

And the approach by Rob and his parents, Lesley and Norm, is paying dividends. They have achieved a cost of production that is 37 per cent below the Tasmanian average and their production is up among the best.

Dairy Australia’s Group Manager of Industry Promotions and Innovation, Isabel MacNeill said: “The Frampton family are excellent ambassadors for the dairy industry.

“They epitomise everything that is Legendairy about our industry. The Framptons are a hard working family, focussed on environmental sustainability, animal health, building a profitable dairy industry for Australia and delivering high quality dairy foods. They are totally committed to dairy farming and to the future of the industry and we look forward to working with Rob, Lesley and Norm to continue to promote the value of dairying well into the future.”

Sponsored by Dairy Australia, the Dairy Farmer of the Year Award is one of 11 awards and categories inthe annual Australian Farmer of the Year program which is hosted by Kondinin Group and ABC Rural.

The Australian Farmer of the Year Awards are designed to celebrate the highly professional, innovative and sustainable approach of the nation’s farmers and raise the profile of the critical role farmers play all around the country.