Freckles adds a spot of milk to become Miss October

Freckles adds a spot of milk to become Miss October

`Freckles’ may have earned her name for the little black spots on her nose but adding a spot of milk to her face has led to a new honour.

The Friesian heifer has been named Miss October in Legendairy’s online calendar, thanks in part to her cute milk moustache.

Freckles was raised at Amaroo Dairying in Larpent near Colac in south-west Victoria by farmers Fran McMillan and her partner Barry Costin.

She will also feature in an annual calendar created by Fran. “I make my own calendar every year with dog and cow photos to give out to friends and family as Christmas presents.”

However, having Legendairy status eclipses the home-grown calendar.

“It’s fantastic,” Fran said. “Legendairy does a great job in raising awareness of our industry, which is what we need.”

“I love looking at the Legendairy photos and information and was surprised but very proud to have one of my photos feature in the calendar.”

As a calf, Freckles loved to drink milk out of a trough and then wander over near Fran who had her camera handy.

“Raising calves can be challenging but rewarding,” Fran said. “When you’re feeding calves they’re all friendly.”

Today Freckles is a proud mother of her own calf and remains a no-trouble part of the 310-cow herd milked by Fran and Brian.

The Legendairy online calendar is part of Dairy Australia’s celebration of the special bond Australia’s Legendairy farmers have with their animals.