Poppy immortalised in Legendairy calendar

Poppy immortalised in Legendairy calendar

A calf that died during a 2014 siege and arson attack in far north Queensland has been remembered in the online Legendairy calendar.

Poppy was named Miss November in the 2016 calendar, as part of the dairy industry’s celebration of the special bond Australia’s Legendairy farmers have with their animals.

Sadly Poppy died during a two-day siege in the Mt Morgan area near Rockhampton in September 2014, but owner Brooke Moyle is taking some solace from her recognition in the calendar.

The orphaned poddy calf had been with Brooke for only a short time, but she’d etched a place in her heart.

“She was my favourite,” Brooke said. “She had such a bubbly personality.

“We bought her around Anzac Day so Poppy was an appropriate name. Pop Top was her nickname because she was always bouncing around.

“I just love cows and always have,” Brooke said. “When you get a cow or a poddy calf that’s quiet enough they’re like a big dog. It’s amazing that they could think of you as a mum.”

Before selling her cows and moving into Gracemere, a little town 9 kilometres west of Rockhampton, Brooke regularly purchased orphaned cows and raised them to use as foster mums.

Now working as a dental assistant, Brooke hopes to return to cattle ownership. “I had to sell all my cows but if I ever win millions I know where they went and I’m going to go and buy them back,” she said.

The siege that resulted in Poppy’s death still plays on Brooke’s mind. 

“It was a horrible time and very scary because we were part of the exclusion zone,” she said. 

In the incident, a man, who has since been jailed for 11 years, fired shots at police and lit fires at 11 properties.

“He burnt some of our farm and Poppy died from smoke inhalation,” Brooke said. “We had about five calves in the paddock but she was the only one that passed away.”

Being named Miss November in the Legendairy calendar has been a nice way for Brooke to remember Poppy and contribute to the dairy industry.

“It was a really good photo,” Brooke said. “She was looking directly at the camera and it seemed like she was smiling.”

“I really like Legendairy. You’ve got to support Aussie farmers.”

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