Miss March a double cause for celebration

Miss March a double cause for celebration

Meg Campbell has a double cause for celebration this month.

Not only is Meg enjoying her milestone 21st birthday, the first Jersey cow she bred has been named Miss March in the 2017 Legendairy online calendar, as part of Dairy Australia’s celebration of the special bond Australia’s Legendairy farmers have with their animals.

The photo of Monaro Park Van Halen Pride as a heifer was taken by Meg’s friend Lex Hall and shows why she’s a bit special in Meg’s life.

“Her mother was the first cow I bought and she is the first calf I bred from her,” Meg said.

Meg grew up on her family’s dairy farm at Blighty in New South Wales and now works as herd manager on a farm near Nanneella in northern Victoria.

She admits she never had much interest in cows until she started showing them. “I used to show cattle for Finlay High School and that’s when I realised I loved working with them,” she said. “I’ve taken them to Melbourne and other agricultural shows and they’ve done well for me.

“I’m a bit of an animal person.”

While being named Miss March is Monaro Park Van Halen Pride’s first title, her mother won Reserve Champion Jersey at the Royal Melbourne Show. 

Good production remains the ultimate aim, but Meg believes showing cattle is an important part of the dairy industry.

“Working on the farm can be quite lonely so it’s nice to go to as many dairy events as possible. It’s important to get out and about and see other farmers. We’re all like-minded people and showing cows keeps your social life going.”

Meg has enjoyed adding Jerseys to the mix. “They’ve got a beautiful nature. They can be stubborn at times but they’re very curious animals,” she said.

Monaro Park Van Halen Pride, now aged two, exhibits the best of those traits. “She’s got a bit of attitude,” Meg said. “She’s a beautiful little cow and loves to be the centre of attention.” 

Meg has already bred a few generations of Holstein cows in the family stud.

“I love my Holsteins but I have a soft spot for the odd Jersey,” she said. “My grandfather had a purebred Jersey herd so it probably goes back to that.”

Meg says having her cow chosen as Miss March “put a smile on my face”. 

“I enjoy following Legendairy,” she added. “It’s a fun way to promote dairy.”