Cute calf in a beanie named Miss July

Cute calf in a beanie named Miss July

It’s not often you see a Jersey calf wearing a beanie, and when you do it’s likely to be cute.

Inverlair Heights Chelsea lives up to those cute expectations and has been named Miss July in the 2017 Legendairy online calendar. The calendar is part of Dairy Australia’s celebration of the special bond Australia’s Legendairy farmers have with their animals.

The photo was submitted by Gippsland’s Tanya Privitera and represents all that’s good about dairy farming, even when the industry is facing tough times.

It was originally taken for a cutest calf competition and although it didn’t win at the time, Tanya kept it in mind for the Legendairy calendar. Chelsea is now a two-year-old and just about to have her first calf.

Being part of the calendar is a thrill for Tanya. Like the Legendairy program which raises the profile and reputation of the industry, Tanya wants to feel good about dairy farming and play a part in promoting it.

Last year she launched the #dairyincrisis social media campaign when the industry was rocked by milk price cuts. One of her posts encouraging people to choose branded milk over plain labels was shared 13,000 times, showing the community’s support for dairy farmers.

“I got so many messages from people wanting to support farmers that it made me realise consumers want to help and know they shouldn’t be paying more for water than they do for milk,” Tanya said.

Tanya, from Mardan near Leongatha, is continuing a family farming connection dating back to the 1870s.

Her father Barrie runs the 95-hectare farm and milks 130 Jerseys. Tanya and her husband Con and their young children live on an adjoining block and run a steel fabrication business.

Ideally Tanya would like to eventually take over the farm. 

Their Inverlair Heights stud started in 1980, the year Tanya was born, and Tanya remains a fan of Jerseys. “They’re economical cows; you don’t need to feed them quite as much and they have better conversion rates,” she said.

And they also look cute in a beanie!