Felicity licks the competition to win February fame

Felicity licks the competition to win February fame

Felicity likes nothing better than a good lick and a cuddle, and her penchant for following owner Gemma Otton around their Bega dairy farm has landed her in the national spotlight.

The four-year-old crossbred cow has been named Miss February in the 2017 Legendairy online calendar, as part of Dairy Australia’s celebration of the special bond Australia’s Legendairy farmers have with their animals.

Gemma and her husband Tom started leasing their farm in March last year and purchased the existing herd. Felicity was quick to claim her stake as a favourite cow.

“Felicity has always been a character and I have quite a soft spot for her,” Gemma said.

“When we went to view the herd she followed us around for cuddles the whole time.” 

Felicity also likes having Gemma’s undivided attention. “When she sees me in the cow-yard she’ll push through all the cows to come for a cuddle and bashes anyone who tries to get in the way,” she said.

The Legendairy calendar photo came about through the cow’s constant quest for attention.

“We went to check our on-heat cows and Felicity followed me around as usual,” Gemma said. “I grabbed my phone for a selfie with her and I snapped this instead.” 

Gemma and Tom have had a tough induction to dairying but are starting to see the benefits of their decision to enter the industry.

“This is the first farm we leased and it was a tough six months or so but everything is working out and settling down now,” Gemma said.

Tom’s family has a beef farm and he previous managed a Jersey farm for four years. “We decided we wanted to go out on our own; being 23 it was hard to get our foot in the door but we got there.

“We love the family side of it. My two-year-old daughter Sophia is with us every day on the farm and it's a great way for her to grow up.” 

Although relatively new to the farm, they have already hosted a ‘Heifers on Target’ field day and are planning another event. 

The Bega Cheese suppliers hope to transition their herd to mostly Jerseys, but at the moment they’re milking about 170 Holsteins, Jerseys and crossbreds.