Holstein heifer `one in a million’

Holstein heifer `one in a million’

A Holstein heifer chosen as Miss August in the 2017 Legendairy online calendar has been described as “one-in-a-million”.

`Malteser’ was 17-year-old Jerrys Plains dairy farmer Shayne Gee’s first show cow and she still has a special place in her heart.

“She was the friendliest cow,” Shayne said. “She was my first show cow when I was 13 in 2013; she didn’t look like a Malteser but the name just sort-of suited her.

“She was like one in a million.”

Malteser won a few ribbons at local calf shows for Shayne before her untimely death in 2015.

Having Malteser named as Miss August is a nice way to remember a favourite and special cow.

“I follow the Legendairy page on Facebook and I really enjoy the stories,” she said. “People see a different and positive perspective of the dairy industry.”

Shayne now works full-time on the family farm, doing “a bit of everything” from milking cows to feeding calves.

“It’s a family farm and we’ve always been here,” she said. “I love it; I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

The 2017 Legendairy online calendar is part of Dairy Australia’s celebration of the special bond Australia’s Legendairy farmers have with their animals.