Izzy stars in Dairy Australia’s Legendairy calendar

Izzy stars in Dairy Australia’s Legendairy calendar

Izzy has always liked being the centre of attention and it’s no surprise that the north-east Victorian Jersey cow has been named Miss January in the 2017 Legendairy online calendar.

The calendar is part of the dairy industry’s celebration of the special bond Australia’s Legendairy farmers have with their animals.

Owner Teresa Hicks says seven-year-old Izzy craves attention. “She always comes up for a scratch,” she said.

Teresa share-farms with her parents, Jack and Christine Hicks, at Dederang in the Kiewa Valley in north-east Victoria.

Izzy is one of 270 pre-bred Jersey cows in the herd. “They’re very curious cows,” Teresa said. “They’re a smaller cow so they don’t need a lot of feed; they’re not difficult to keep, are usually pretty good health wise, and they give really good fat and protein milk components.

“They’ve got a great personality; that’s what I love most about them.”

Teresa, 27, has been working on the farm for the past 10 years and entered into share-farming four years ago.

“I like the lifestyle,” she says. “It’s always a challenge when I get up in the morning and go off to do my work. It’s different every day and it’s something I’m very passionate about. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.”

Teresa took the winning photo herself. “Sometimes I go out and sit a while in the paddock, take a few photos in the process. I've always enjoyed art and photography,” she said.

“I was ecstatic when Izzy was named Miss January,” she said. “It was quite a surprise to see it pop up in my feed on Facebook.

“I like Legendairy because it’s good for the consumer as well as the farmer. It gives everyone a bit of an insight into what a great industry we work in.”