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Careers in Dairy

There’s a lot to love about being a dairy farmer: the lifestyle, the freedom to be your own boss, working on the land and with animals and producing a great product that’s enjoyed by millions.

Farmers also need a great deal of knowledge and training to have a successful career in the dairy industry. In fact, dairy farmers need over 170 different skills(1) to run a successful farm business.

Dairying is also a vital part of the local community fabric, supporting a whole range of businesses off the farm, including feed suppliers, mechanics, equipment retailers, veterinarian services, schools and even sporting clubs and many others.

With 38,000 Australians directly employed in dairy – and many more working in it indirectly – our industry creates jobs for generations and careers for life.

So whether you want to work on the farm, as an agronomist, agricultural scientist or vet, in manufacturing, transport and logistics, sustainability or even as an artisan cheesemaker, there are plenty of pathways to a great career in the industry.

For more information on a career in Australian dairying visit the Dairy Australia page Education and Careers.