Our Industry

Our Organisations

A number of regional, state and national organisations work closely together to support the Australian dairy industry. These organisations also work with state and federal governments, universities, Australian and international research partners and many others to benefit the industry.

The Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC):

  • is the dairy industry’s peak policy body
  • coordinates industry policy and represents all parts of the industry on national and international issues through two other bodies: Australian Dairy Farmers Limited and the Australian Dairy Products Federation.

Australian Dairy Farmers Limited

  • represents Australia’s dairy farmers on a range of issues that are often agri-political in nature and may need state or Australian Government representation and lobbying
  • is a voluntary member organisation funded mostly by its members through state dairy farmer organisations.

State Dairy Farmer Organisations (SDFOs):

SDFOs represent their members’ interests and protect their rights at state, regional and local levels:

Australian Dairy Products Federation

  • is the peak body for commercial/non-farm members engaged in manufacturing, marketing or trading of dairy and/or dairy-related products.

Dairy Australia

  • is the industry-owned national services body
  • is funded through the Dairy Service Levy with matching funding from the Australian Government on research and development activities
  • invests in essential activities across the dairy supply chain to deliver the best outcomes for dairy farmers, the dairy industry and the broader community
  • focuses investment on pre- and post-farmgate research, development, extension and industry services. This includes education, trade policy, information, issues management, technological innovation, promoting the health and nutrition benefits of dairy products and marketing of the industry.

Regional Development Programs (RDPs):

Dairy Australia set up eight RDPs in the 1990s to provide localised support and knowledge in each of Australia’s eight regions: